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About the CEMM

The Center of Excellence for Medical Multimedia (CEMM) was established in 1996 with the support and direction of the Office of the Air Force Surgeon General. The CEMM has a long history of product development with local filming and Web hosting contractors, resulting in high quality interactive and 3D animated products. The CEMM is a tenant unit on the United States Air Force Academy.

The CEMM is aimed at supplying the most powerful interactive medical multimedia technologies available to Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs), TRICARE civilian medical facilities and the Military Health System (MHS). The CEMM has become a nationally recognized leader in highly complex medical topics, delivered to all ages and learning abilities, through interactive multimedia.

The CEMM is a production facility and clearinghouse for interactive patient education programs. CEMM infrastructure, budget, personnel, hardware and legacy software clearly reflect this. It is a nationally recognized leader in patient-related interactive multimedia. These advanced multimedia computer programs make highly complex medical topics simple and interesting for patients of all ages and educational backgrounds. Our dedicated staff includes a CEMM director, nurse educators, programming personnel, video production professionals and experienced medical administration support people.

The CEMM's fundamental purpose is to oversee the development of evidence-based interactive educational programs for common inpatient and outpatients diagnoses and surgical procedures. These products integrate prevention and self-management into everyday clinical practices to complement and support the efforts of qualified health care professionals, the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS), the Air Force Medical Modeling and Simulation Training (AFMMaST) Program, and other Air Force and DoD initiatives.

The CEMM is also focused on developing America's Warrior Airmen of today in preparation for tomorrow. Our Airmen are more creative and adaptive, and require greater access to knowledge. The CEMM transforms its existing education and training products, as well as creates new programs, to build a future organization employing state-of-the-art learning concepts, which are deployed by leveraging new and emerging technologies.

Patient Activation: The CEMM's vision for patient education is focused on activating patients through empowerment and self-efficacy. The CEMM does this by providing a robust inventory of tools to assist patients with developing self-management skills and behaviors to successfully manage their conditions and diseases.

Optimizing Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH): The CEMM's vision for optimizing PCMH is to provide standard tools to health care professionals, maximize provider-patient time and offer support with the highest clinical and preventive educational products.

Build Healthy Communities: The CEMM's vision is to facilitate timely education so AFMS and DoD beneficiaries understand the importance of disease prevention and management through proactive engagement.

Support Readiness Platforms: The CEMM's vision is to support the AFMS and DoD readiness platforms for our uniformed personnel to maintain currency, war readiness skills and resilience in fast-paced, rapidly changing environments.

Maintain National Recognition as a Leader in Interactive Multimedia: The CEMM's vision is to maintain national recognition through the development of sophisticated products targeted to the ever-changing needs of our beneficiaries. The CEMM continues to build collaborative relationships with top medical institutions and facilities around the world.

Shelley L. Jay, LtCol, USAF, NC
Director, Education Services

James L. Dorris, MSgt, USAF
Administrative Manager

Shelby Maloney
Office Manager

Contact Us

The CEMM is located at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Contact us.

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