Program Requirement Forms

Subject matter experts (SMEs) can request development of a medical multimedia program AND act as the program’s SME. Follow the steps below to begin the process.

Step A:

Prior to requesting support from the CEMM, ensure your unit is not obligated to use an existing contract or Most Efficient Organization (MEO) at your installation for visual information and/or video production. Contact the host Public Affairs (PA) or Judge Advocate (JA) ofifces for the answer. Failure to do so may inadvertently put the government at risk for litigation.

Step B:

Contact your local installation or supporting PA office with your multimedia request and verify if their services can either support or not support the request. If they cannot support your request, please complete AF Form 833 from the right-hand menu and email the completed form to Jon Stock (SG/PAO) at

Step C:

If your local installation or supporting PA office is unable to support you, you may choose to complete and submit the Requirements Form from the right-hand menu.